CMH Vet gets to keep flag pole!

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HOA idiots are everywhere and go overboard over flag pole. It makes me ill everytime I hear about people that are opposed to flying the flag of their own Country and I get even madder when they come down on our veterans who fought to give our freedoms for those idiots. Glad it had a good outcome - Don't forget Thank a Vet and active duty when you see them. Frost

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A 90-year-old Medal of Honor winner can keep his 21-foot flagpole in his front yard after a homeowner's association dropped its request to remove it, a spokesman for Democratic Virginia Sen. Mark Warner said Tuesday.

The Sussex Square homeowners' association likewise has agreed to drop threats to take legal action against retired Army Col. Van T. Barfoot, Warner spokesman Kevin Hall said.

The association had threatened to take Barfoot to court if he failed to remove the pole from his suburban Richmond home by Friday. It had said the pole violated the neighborhood's aesthetic guidelines.

Neither Barfoot's daughter, Margaret Nicholls, nor homeowners' president Glenn Wilson immediately returned telephone messages.

Dropping the issue effectively ends a request that White House press secretary Robert Gibbs on Monday called "silly."

Warner and Sen. Jim Webb, both Virginia Democrats, had rallied behind Barfoot, a World War II veteran.

In a letter last week, Webb urged the association to "consider the exceptional nature of Col. Barfoot's service when considering his pride and determination in honoring our flag."

Barfoot's fight also has lit up veterans bulletin boards and blog sites supporting him.

Barfoot won the Medal of Honor for actions while his platoon was under German assault near Carano, Italy, in May 1944. He was credited with standing up to three German tanks with a bazooka and stopping their advance.

He also won the Purple Heart and other decorations, and served in Korea and Vietnam before retiring from the service in 1974.

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Guest sandtrap



There are boats, and planes leaving every day for those, that do not like our country, or for the military that defend their freedom !!


IN GOD WE TRUST !! Put this on all your mails !!

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Thank God for Col. Barfoot's bravery & courage, his fight to keep our country free and his allegience to our flag. "One Nation Under God"! All three of our children are currently in the Military and two of them are in the Gulf. Just seeing our American Flag every day reminds me of all the men & women that have and are serving our Great Country! Please keep our children in your prayers! Thank you! Bigguy

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