Has anybody used the Falcon MD20FP?

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Well, I got rid of my PistolProbe since I had more than enough coin pinpointers and I wanted one that would work on nuggets smaller than a marble. I traded it for a Tesoro Silver Sabre in great shape with two coils and a Fisher 1220X PRO with 2 coils in very good shape. Great detectors to put in my Willys just in case I see some place I need to detect for coins etc.

I would really like to acquire an excellent gold pinpointer to assist me in finding those small nuggets when I am out with my Gold Bug 2 and when I am out hopefully finding those larger nuggets with the GPX 4000 that Rob sold me - very happy with it I might add, expecially his helpful service!

So, I am considering the purchase of the Falcon MD20FP. Falcons are made in AZ. Next time I am down in Golden Valley, AZ, I will go out there and check them out as they are apparently sold there. But before that, I would like to know if anybody has had any experience with these? Good or Bad. Will it be a good probe for what I want it for (strictly gold nugget pinpointing)? I thought about the MD20, but I am not interested in having to carry something with a 5 foot cable attached to it, so the MD20FP would be the one I would most likely purchase. I would also buy the holster for it - any pros or cons on that?

I am interested in learning if there is a field test on this probe (I could only find one on the MD10), if you are satisfied with its sensitivity, ease of use, durability, best place to get one (Do you sell them Rob?), depth, etc. Any Pros or Cons appreciated. Thanks.

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The Falcon is fantastic. I wouldn't use it with any detector, just use your scoop. The Falcon is the best crevising for gold, for gold that is to small to detect. I've found flakes of gold with it, it's worth the $$$.


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I purchased the Falcon MD 20 over a year ago. I got the holster but didn't like carrying it on my belt.I carry it on my quad and use it almost every time I am out detecting.I use it for checking specimens when I find a spec of gold in them. I have had pieces that only showed a spec of gold ,but when I checked them with my falcon on all sides ,there was more gold that I hadn't been able to see.It's real easy to use and they stand behind their product.You can put it under your plastic gold pan and determine in a hurry if there is anything in the pan.I use it for working cracks in bedrock and as a crevice tool.I have found nuggets so small I needed tweezers to pick it up.It will sound off as the probe approaches the rock if its gold or Ag - Pt - Cu -Fe -Zn -Pb etc.It will sound off when you pull it away if its not.

Good Luck


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