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So, I visited where I grew up in FL for a few weeks since I mainly work over the internet these days. I took some time to metal detect the old place which was built in 1885. I didn't find a whole lot, mainly since I think most of the older coins were out of reach of my detector. I did some excavations and did find a few somewhat older coins, but still all from the 20th century, earliest was 1917. The best coin I found was while growing up there, a seated quarter from the 1850's just laying on the surface of the ground.

Well, for the trip I basically only have a few pennies and a nickel to share, lol, but it was still fun and good exercise of course. I'll have to go back one day with a detector that will punch deeper.

A few videos I made...(First one is the junk I pulled out of an excavation before even detecting, second is more junk (relics), and third is the only decent quality video I managed to get of detecting a coin, (a modern penny) hah.):

junk collection 1



And I did find a couple bits of indian pottery as well. (I seem to have left the other handful of modern coins in FL along with the silver spoon and detector to be shipped back in the mail):


Here's a picture of how the house looked before they took down the cupola (tallest part of the home):


Click to see full size image

And one of how it looks today:


Click to see full size image

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