Another Great AZ Trip!

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Well, my spring prospecting season is coming to an end here in Congress, and I’ll be flying back to White Plains, early Thursday morning. As usual, I have made many new acquaintances this time out, and was able to hang with a lot of old friends and poker buddies at the Arrowhead, Nichole’s West, The Frog Rock Café, The Country Corner, the American Legion Post (79) in Yarnell, out in Stanton, and on the claims.

I’ll leave Arizona with just over an ounce of gold, a 121-gram Gold Basin meteorite, and a poke full of great memories, laughs, and even a few scares. It was great meeting Casey Stern, from Tesoro in Prescott, videotaping a drywashing class with Bret Chilcott, of AZ Desert Gold, meeting Rob Allison (thanks again for dinner you sneaky so-and-so!), and Ruby & Clay from FootPrints!

This has been a great year already, and our school’s prospecting instructors will stay very busy right through the end of May. We’ll be headed up to Alaska in July, and I hope to meet some of you up there. If you can’t get up North this summer, in the fall I will host a big prospector’s party in Congress, and you will all be invited!

I’ll see you back on the forum in a few days when I get caught up with the beautiful woman who is kind enough to let me disappear for seven-weeks at a time with a sweet smile, a honey-lipped kiss, and the words “hurry home.”

Cheers! – Terry Soloman


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