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Hi all, here's our chance to make our voices heard before we loose more rights and more mineral lands. The National Forest service is requesting public input on collecting public input regarding "specific forest landscapes", and "special places"; in other words, pick any place you don't want loggers, miners, ranchers, hunters, off roaders Etc, and we'll block them for you. Keep in mind, they are asking for comments on if and how to collect public comments, not actual comments related to those areas mentioned above (confusing I know, but that's our Government at it's best) One idea that comes to mind is requiring the Forest service to notify any claim holder or other party with in-holdings or other rights, of any proposals, comment request Etc.

Here's the link Forest Landscape Value and Special Place

Please repost this anywhere you haven't seen it, email it to your friends, or whatever you can do to get the word out. Maybe for once, we can prevent something before it happens, instead of complaining about it after it's too late. Later...Jim P.

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