Treasure Tips, and a Heads-Up for Fans of IN THE TREASURE CORNER

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If some of this week's program topics sound familiar, it's because I have plagiarized myself. Several of the tips here appeared in somewhat different form in earlier programs.

No, I'm not doing summer reruns of old shows out of laziness. My earliest shows are a bit overlong, and I'm in the process of recording new, shorter versions of them.

I'm dropping all the music intros and outros from those early shows, and limiting each program to just one topic. That means I'll be removing all the tips and tricks from those shows, too.

But rather than just discarding the tips and tricks, I'm recycling them by making them into their own expanded shows. Today's topics include ideas about shoes, toothpaste, bars of soap, and nail apron fashion.

The program runs just a tad under four minutes. Here's the link:

---Dan Hughes,

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