Tesoro Lobo SuperTraq

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I'm taking the big step into this new hobby and buying me a Tesoro Lobo Super Traq.

I hear it's one of the best for this price range for gold hunting and I really like the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty for this large investment.

I like the style of it more then most others that I have seen on other recommendations and I like the fact that its also waterproof up to the box.

I will be using the stock coil for now and possibly be getting a hotter coil later down the road which sounds like what I will need to get so I don't miss out on the gold that this coil might miss?

I will be scanning the grounds in Washington state around the Mount baker area and possible some others. I live in Marysville and not often at all will I drive farther then 2 miles from there at this time.

I created this topic for info and tips for the Tesoro Lobo so it can be a helpful topic for others who have the same detector.

I will and other people should also, post your tips, problems and questions here for me and anyone else who visits this forum who owns a Tesoro Lobo SuperTraq.

Now this is all new to me and I never owned a metal detector. What should I do once I open the box? lol :blush:

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Put it together :lol:

Take a penny, nickel, dime and quarter and throw them over your shoulder in the yard, you know that those 4 coins are out there.

Once you get everything together set down in the chair with detector in your lap and read the manual. It is an easy detector to operate. In the morning go out and find the 4 coins, you can use the discrimination mode or all metal your choice. Check your setting and listen to the tones. Once you get used to this find some BB's or #6 lead shot and throw five into the yard and do it over in the all metal mode. Once you get to where you can find these you should have it down. To help save your arm take the control box off the shaft and mount it on your belt, just some little tips and good luck


Allen in MT

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Allen has some great suggestions. I train a lot of greenhorns using different items superglued to plastic poker chips. One has a bullet casing, another has a nail, then a lead bullet, silver dime, piece of wire, and finally a small gold nugget (about a half-gram). I have the student listen to the difference in the signals, and teach them how to use the discrimination, threshold - teach them how the soil selector works. I will be getting factory training in Prescott later this year, and I'm pretty juiced about it! READ that manual, and if you are just not getting something, email 'em and get an explaination. Cheers! - Terry

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Joining a prospecting club with claims is the first thing to do as a nubie, most gold areas have claims on them & you can't prospect or MD on them.

Alot of dealers will give you some training in the field...As Terry said practicing with differant targets helps....also the mineralisation from area to area changes so you must adjust for the variations in soil types. Check to see if your area has detectable nuggets...some areas have fine gold only.

Are you getting a good set of headphones, a good pick....also be sure to get a coil cover for each coil you own to protect them.

Good Luck....on your adventure............wonderer

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