How NOT to Ask Permission to Hunt Private Yards

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There are three main ways to ask permission to hunt private property. Two of them you should never use.

In this show you'll learn the best way to get the okay to dig in private yards, with a suggested "script" to use when you are seeking permission.

To listen, go to .

Footnote: I am in the process of redoing my first several podcasts, getting rid of the long intros and outros and tightening up the scripts. I'm using a better microphone now, too (a Heil PR-40, for you techies).

For this podcast, I've divided the show on getting permission into two shows. The first half will stay where it is (#002), and the second half has now become #046. (I'm still trying to figure out how to replace the original #002 with the revised version, but that's my problem, not yours).

---Dan Hughes,

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