Another Snake Story

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This is a copy of an e mail I sent to friends and relatives last summer about this time. We camp on Lake Havasu quite often since we live here. Wendy is my Girlfriend, and Dog,....well he is Dog. (pic enclosed, I hope)

The perils of not utilizing all of your assets regarding safety.

-- OR --

How to get your ass trapped inside an outhouse by a rattlesnake.

Last Thursday morning, we launched the pontoon boat and headed down lake to one of our favorite BLM campsites to spend a couple of days.

After dinner, Wendy wanted to go up the hill to the restroom. So I grabbed the lantern in order to escort and protect her from any critters that might be lingering and waiting to attack her.

Now I need to interrupt this story to tell you that a few months ago we took Dog to the Humane Society where they conducted a "snake detection" class. It was extremely well run and done by professionals. They had de-fanged ringtail/diamondback rattlesnakes (the most common species in our area) which were tethered and could not roam around freely. They let Dog approach the snake and then give him a small ZAP with the electronic collar they put on him. After a couple of ZAPS, he connected them to the sight, sound, and smell of the snake. We now have a well trained, highly skilled "snake detector" available to us when we are out in the wilds......Now back to the story.

I looked for Dog, and he was napping comfortably on the boat, so I decided I didn't need him to look for snakes. Hell I could handle it !!!!

We got to the restroom without incident, and then I opened the door, stuck the lantern and my head inside and didn't see anything, so I entered in order to check behind the toilet, and when I turned to leave, I spotted an 18" ringtail that was laying just inside the doorway. He was in a spot I had not looked at. We looked at each other for a bit. Neither one of us not knowing what to do.....

I took the lantern and tried to "shoo" him away so I could get out the door, but all he did was coil up and strike at the light. He was coiled up right on the edge of the doorway, well within striking distance if I tried to leave.

Wendy was outside the door trying to find a stick or something for me to use, but couldn't find anything in the dark..

Finally I took off my t-shirt and made a lucky toss to cover up the snake just long enough to jump out the door....It wasn't very graceful, but effective.

We left, and when I returned later, he was gone. Good riddance.

Right then and there, Wendy told me she would use Dog as an escort in the future !!!

Other than that, we had a GREAT TIME.......

Patrick in Havasu

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