Initail test of new battery hookup

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Hello all! Sorry it took so long to get back with the results with the new battery hookup test. I tried to go to Gold Basin last weekend and it was raining. So today I was out with the new setup N/E section of the Rand Mountains near Government peak side for half the day. The battery takes around four hours to charge. After the initial charge I had to wait a week until today to try them out. I did put them on the charger again for today's trip and they were ready to go in less than five minutes. I used a Minelab GPX4500 with the first hour with headset and the last three hours with an external speaker. I have to say again this setup does not have a voltage regulator, I just want to make this clear. I did not have any problems without this feature. I took voltage readings threw the day to see how the battery would do. The battery will charge up to 8.25 volts and I started the test with 8.2 volts.

1st hour voltage down to 8.0

2nd hour voltage down to 7.9

3rd hour voltage down to 7.8

4th hour voltage down to 7.7

At no time did I have any problems with the battery or the cables provided with this kit. The voltage reading were taken with the Minelab control box voltage reading option on the menu. A Minelab GPX4500 low battery audio is 7.3 volts and shut down is 7.1 according to the instruction manual.

I was not able to exhaust the battery and I was worn out from the heat and called it a day...I feel the battery could of lasted longer and the detector was stable. All in all I think it was a good deal and will continue with this setup. This battery setup can be found on Ebay under Minelab...Guido


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Hi Guido and All

I also bought the same battery set up from Bill and Lindas Prospecting.

I'm very impressed with the product,very professionally assembled.

Also Bill is a great guy to know. BTW the set up works great on

my GP Extreme.



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I forgot to mention that the kit comes with a car DC charger, two 5000mah batteries and a phone jack hookup for a set of headphones. I bought a AC charger at Frys to charge it at home. Thank you Bill... Guido


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Just a reminder, as previously stated in an earlier thread, you have to have a sound enhancer for this setup since the GPX battery/amp is in the stock battery. The one in the picture the way it is set up the enhancer has to have a 11.25 long power cord to reach to the position seen in the picture. If you want to Velcro the enhancer to the side of the control box the cord length is irrelevant. The battery in the picture is a 4000mah battery which is no longer available, only the 5000mah is being sold. Guido


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