Advanced Park Hunting

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Are you tired of finding mostly new coins in public parks?

My new podcast (radio show you can listen to on your computer anytime) is full of tips on how to find the older - and hopefully, more valuable - coins in parks.

If you're new to the hobby (or even if you aren't), you might want to start with the Park Hunting 101 show, #006. (Even though it's dated two years ago, I just rewrote and re-recorded it last night.)

Then listen to the newest show, #048, Advanced Park Hunting.

Both programs are short (just over 4 minutes), so you can listen to them quickly. You might want to grab paper and pencil and take notes!

Listen here:

By the way, I've totally revamped my website, making it easier to read and navigate. (I think I've checked it over pretty well, but if you find any typos there, please let me know).

And you can click on the "Free Articles" link there for several articles full of tips for treasure hunters.

---Dan Hughes

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