Any Mining Claims For Sale?

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Does anyone know of any "good" mining claims for sale in AZ, CA or NV?

Any info would be appreciated.


Patrick in Havasu

Sure , Look at the claims on e-bay , you will find 20, 40 , 80 acre claims for sale -------be careful if they are good claims they would'nt be for sale . Most are recreational claims at best .

Do not buy a claim unless you test it , take somebody with you that knows what they are doing .

You can find good areas to stake your own claim ,filing fees about $210.00 .

With some research you can find good areas to prospect . check out B L M s R L 2000 for abandoned claims .

You can go over to the Wickenburg , San Domingo areas and pay $5000.00 to $12000.00 for a claim ,40 acres , that seller makes damn good money selling claims . Here I go again ! nuf said Don

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