How much do I love prospecting?

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Heading to Q'site from 7/15 to 7/26 Leaving 70 deg weather to 115+ Hell.

0500 to 1000 Detecting and drywashing on the QMDC claims

1100 to 1600 running the boat on the river

1800 to 2400 drywashing in the dark (My Claim)

Get 4 hours sleep and start over. On friday nights you can find me at the Grub Steak for all you can eat fish.

Hey Bob I sent you an Email.

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WOW....Now that's some dedication.

It's 7:30 here and still 112 degree's. Hell, I won't even step outside to watch the sunset !!

I hope your efforts pay off for you....Don't forget the water. In the military they taught us that if you aren't p***ing, you aren't drinking enough.

Patrick in Havasu.....

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Hey Ron,

I was up there a couple days ago and your right, its a hell hole right now. Not quite as bad if we get a bit of wind.

Man, 5 o'clock in the morning?? I usually don't go to bed before 1 or 2 AM. Let me know which way your going and I will catch up to you.

I will PM you in a bit.

Bob T.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just got back and it was hot running 112 to 117. But it was worth it got some gold and hanging out with Bob and running the drywasher. And Bob thanks the info on that spot. Also that bed rock spot payed off friday the big one came from there.


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