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What did you collect when you were a kid? (Assuming you aren't a kid right now).

In times past, people collected stamps, and baseball cards, and matchbook covers, and stopwatches, and fishing lures, and a multitude of other items. And many of those collectors took their hobbies very seriously, making their pastimes lifelong avocations.

More recently, we have seen short-lived collecting fads, like Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and Beanie Babies.

Very few kids collect anything these days, except maybe for various types of trading cards which are used in social situations. (Collectors from the past were often quite anti-social, in fact - they just stayed home and admired their collections.)

But one collecting hobby is still going strong today, and that is coin collecting. Treasure hunters have not only kept the hobby alive, they have made it bigger than ever.

This podcast is a light-hearted look at my own experiences in collecting over the years. To listen, go to:

and scroll all the way down to program #009. (Yep, this is a new show that replaces the old #009 show, which was updated to become show #050.)

Don't try to figure that all out. Just go to the website and enjoy the show.


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