update... Valley Prospectors Rendezvous

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Here is more information... This year the AMDA

will likely not have a hunt at Laughlin... Last

year the Laughlin event was on the same weekend

as Valleys Rendezvous, so there is no conflict.

I'm not involved with Valley's Rendezvous... But

I have been a member of Valley for many years

and have paricipated in their events over the

years. I plan on attending the hunt. I just

would like to see old friends (and) new out in

the huntfield and a chance to enjoy comraderie

with those who follow "seeded" events which as

we know have been getting more limited in number

each year.

As I write this I have no other details other

than my earlier post (below)... However Lorraine

was given a White's GMZ by Jimmy Sierra...

(more details on this later at the hunt).

The GMZ will NOT be given away at the Rendezvous

as a token to be found out in the hunt field.

Instead it will be by a "ticket" drawing limited to

one ticket each for those who sign up for the

Metal Detector Hunt.

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To add more... the Rendezvous is this weekend... Saturday October 23... The hunt fee is only $15 and registration is in the morning before the hunt... I understand there will be a breakfast at about 8 to 9 AM... sorry I do not have the cost for this. The hunt registration is before the hunt which will start about 9:30 and over about 10:30... All of the needed information is included in the earler post.

Day parking $2.00 per person. Primitive area. For those with GPS... Rancho Jurupa Regional Park Crestmore Road off Mission Blvd. Riverside CA 92509.

Also there are other things going on throughout the day such as a kids hay find about 11 to noon and a gold panning contest about 1:30 to about 3:00 Pm... Bingo about 6-7:30 and the Nightstalker Hunt ar early dark about 7:30 with good stuff and creepy crawlers planted... entry fee $5.00 and good fun guaranteed...

For those of you who have e-mail; http//www.valleyprospectors.net

Although I'm a member of Valley, I'm just a member and not involved in the planning of the event... Just like to see a good crowd hunting with me as these events are getting fewer. For more detailed information check out the website...

And the entry gate at the park may ask for your proof of insurance and car registration. Usually I fumble around in the glove box looking for mine... so I will have it ready :)

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:) Lorraine and Valley Prospectors thank all of you for your interest and participation in Rendezvous 2010. Quoting Lorraine: "The event was fantastic... we had entrants from all over Southern Calidornia... Jimmy Sierra donated a White's GMX metal detector... which was won by a member of the First Class Miners."

Thank You Rob for letting Dutch John post the information on this forum regarding this event...Jim Straight

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