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Without going into a great amount of detail, the BLM is planning on closing many, many roads around Lake Havasu City, to include across the river in So Cal.

They have a few different versions of their plan, from "no action", meaning no closures to closing most of the dirt roads we love to travel.

Today, it's REALLY HAPPENING in my back yard. Tomorrow it may be yours ! !

Please write a note to the below address and let them know you don't want ANY CLOSURES. Even if we were to agress to the minimal amount of closures, they would take more. The old Inch/Mile concept.

We appreciate your help, Patrick in Havasu

[email protected]

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Hi Patrick, more of the same. Have you tried to enlist senator Ron Gould [email protected] He was very much on the side of land/road users during the push to implement the OHV decal program, plus, he's up for re-election.

If you'd like some food for thought and some fuel to your fire, research RS 2477 from the 1866 mining act. The BLM most likely won't acknowledge the law or was it says, nor the express disclaimer in the FLPMA act of 1976 without hauling them into court, but it's there in black and white.

If I had deeper pockets I'd sponsor a class action type lawsuit to shut down the BLM's rabid infringement of our rights. later...Jim P.

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Thanks for the link Jim. I just sent a note to him.

If you look at the maps they supply on the website, you will see that there is very little detail. All they give is Township and Range. No Lat/Long or even sections. If you know the area well, like most of us locals, you can find your way around the map.

From what I can see, our Lake Havasu Gold Seekers club will still have access to our claims on both sides of the hills, but I'm not certain. But just about all of the scenic roads will be closed if they get their way.

Patrick in Havasu

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