gold hits 1300 and Europe's central banks halt gold sales

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Guys -

What you need to see in this is that around the world the Central Banks who print out the money are unwilling to trade gold for their own unbacked, fiat currency. They are the ones who print the dollars, lira, francs, rubles, pounds, etc. and they know what the future of unbacked paper money is in a world where any goverment can create as much money as they want, and thats exactly what they are doing.

The important thing is that they dont want to trade gold (which has real value) for that paper money!

About 90 years ago, the German government, coming out of a terrible depression after WWI, just printed as much money as they could. The german mark of the time became worthless, and people had to take wheelbarrows of it to the grocery store to buy a few items. Money was less valualbe than firewood, and folks burned it to keep warm. Is this the future of the dollar? Well it might not get this extreme but our government is terribly irresponsible with the money they are in charge of. No wonder they want gold not paper!


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