Brass Spirals/ What is it?

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While detecting ,I dug up what looked like a very small piece of an old leather boot with boot tacks.Also in the hole was a dozen or so very small pieces of brass. They are a spiral that is uniform top to bottom 5/8 " long and 1/16" in dia.. Nobody here in Stanton has ever seen anything like them.Any ideas??

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I would guess they are nothing more than brass screws that were used to

hold the boot heels or soles in place, then worn off, degraded over time by constant

wear, which has ground off the original slotted screw head. Heavy duty work boots such

as Whites still use the slotted screws (or used to), to help hold their boots together...

That is my best guess!


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My first thought after reading the comments on this thread is that because they are uniform that they were used in a application where the hole was pre drilled into the boot before installation. Maybe tacked in place then pre drilled and screwed for extra security!



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I don't have a clue what those things are, but I've found a butt load of them over the years, in brass and a few in aluminum ... I always assumed they had some thing to do with drywashers because I always found them around old hand stack and tailings... Cheers, Unc

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