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Decided to go to LuckyLundys place for Thanksgiving in Northern California, with snow, and cold temps at my place it was good to go to some warmer weather. Made some hunts with Rick, Robin, Jeff, and El Dorodo. Had a great time out looking for that yellow stuff. On one of the hunts I ran across a patch protector. This rattle snake was about 20 feet away and going crazy. I had my nugget hunting dog with me and called to Lucky to call my dog so he didnt get snake bit. By the time I got to the snake he was going in a gopher hole and gone. So the next days trip out with Robin, El Dorodo and myself we went back out to try are luck again in the same patch. Well guess who was protecting the patch again? The patch protector was out sunning himself and was very mad that we were back trying to get his nuggets. He started rattling about 15 feet away and this time my pick and him had a fight and the patch protector lost. It was a great trip thanks to Rick and Robin.

Road Dog (Rick)



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I just looked at some pictures of me on the Bear River on a beautiful warm California day back in October......

then... I looked out the window here in Talkeetna, AK at the, "Great One,"....Denali,....or some may say, Mt McKinley, whatever.....there will be no detecting here for a while.. -30 degrees tomorrow morning!

But i am telling you , it is absolutely beautiful here in the winter!

You all just keep it up down there, keep the stories coming so I can stay warm laughing!!!!


cheechako---steve says...

New guys walk point to clear the mines and trash, too!! lol

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