Thanks to Tom in Yuma

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Big thanks to Tom in Yuma for showing local hospitality and repeatedly taking Chata & I out in 4WD country to prospect and explore.

Tom has many years of both military and government service, has a beautiful family and is looking to prospect heavily upon retirement.

We visited areas near Yuma including Potholes and Cargo Muchacho mountains.

Thanks, Tom! :)

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Funny you should mention that, Patrick.

(Pic 41 is a nice ribeye dinner out camping)

Got stuck in soft dirt last nite (3rd time in a month :angry: so dinner was little cups of peaches and applesauce and some jerky.

There's more stuff in the truck but didn't feel like making it.

Took plywood from the box roof and made a little road like in the cartoons: dig and put boards down, drive a few feet, dig and move boards, then a high-speed backup once I got traction. :D

(I try to leave no trace but those ruts and plywood can be a warning to the next contestant)

Gawd, I need a 4 wheeler.....

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Kelly, next time you are in town, I'll take you for a bit of a ride up a neat hill where we can see the River and Lake.

Broil a couple of steaks over a fire and pig out watching the sunset.

You might take a look at some of the 4 wheeling sites. Seems to me I saw a metal grate that was a few feet long, and wide enough for a tire to get traction on. It was a "roll-up" affair. I also hear that carpet makes for some good traction.

OR~~~~~~~~~~better choices in roads ? ?.....Just teasing.

Stay safe and enjoy your travels. Keep the pics coming. We enjoy seeing different places.

Patrick in Havasu.....

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Sounds good, Patrick. I'll enjoy visiting again.

Tom said Havasu Goldseekers is good club.

Weird thing about this stuck is- the area has that baked rock that's been like cement everywhere, except there by Dateville it was on 1-2 feet of soft dirt.

Backing up a small incline was like a rototiller- forward wouldn't have been as bad.

I'm wanting to hit the Bradshaws but looks tough getting to claims. Maybe I need to treasure hunt in the flat lands.

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