new guy looking for advice

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Hello im living in pennsylvania and had been looking into nugget hunting online alot and was just hopeing some one would let me know what direction i should be going in. ive seen that the good detectors can go for up to 5,000 and my budget is more around the $200-$300 range. any one know a good detector in that price range i should get for my first? and should i be looking near streams and such or in the hills?

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I moved to AZ from SW Pa. in July. It's not the same type detecting here. In Pa. I was into treasure sites looking for large items. In Az for the most part the targets are not large. Only because you are a Frank from Pa.(that was me last year) I can give you some exact lost treasure locations if you have a interest in such things. I won't post it online. It would start a mad rush into the hills. PM me your phone if you want to talk.



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