Fileing a Transfer of Claim

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but thought I go to where the 'guys in the know' are. I bought a claim down by Wickenburg and am having trouble with knowing what forms and how to go about checking to see if the claim has been transfered properly. If anyone could help, I would surely appreciate it.

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From the BLM website:

Transfer of Interest If there is a change of ownership, the notarized transfer document must be filed with the BLM and the County Recorder. There is a $10 service charge for each transferee (person receiving interest in a claim for each mining claim). If two or more transferees are on the same document transferring interest, a service charge of $10 per claim must be received for each transferee. Example: Two mining claims are being transferred and each claim has three transferees; the fee would be $60. 2 claims x 3 transferees = $60. A transferee must pay a nonrefundable service charge per mining claim or site that you were transferred. Subpart C, 3833.30.

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