AZ Dept of Mines & Minerals Closing Friday

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The ADMMR in Arizona will close permanently on Friday. Guess the $$ just ran out.

ADMMR Closure

The ADMMRs function is to promote the mining industry in the State of Arizona. They provide many resources online and in their main library of interest to prospectors. As they say in their notice, they do not know how long their website will be active, or where their collection of reference materials will end up.

Take a look at their online resources before they go away.

I was notified of this via the blog of Lee Allison the AZ State Geologist. Check it out as well, he is a great source of information.

Unfortunately, I think this is just a sign of things to come as Arizona begins to understand the reality of the State Budget.

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That's too bad,,,a great place for prospectors,,,,,,the reference materials should be preserved somehow!


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Hi Paul,

I just read the AZ State Geo's Blog this morning and they have announced that AZGS (AZ Geological Survey) will be taking over the whole operation. The records, the management and most of the employees.

This is good news. AZGS in my opinion has been much better at sharing information with the public. Maybe we will finally get those mine files digitized and available.

AZ Geo Blog

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