Hot Rocks

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One of the new seam areas we have been working Has what we thought were hot rocks. They were real dark and iron stained. We brought some home to clean up for a better look And there loaded with Gold. Crap we have been throwing these bits off to the side. I'm wondering how much gold the old timers dumped out in those waste piles. I have some samples soaking in solution I will post some photos after I clean them up.

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I told you you'd be driving a new truck before you knew it!!! Congrat's

LuckyLundy Just finding a little Gold makes my day. I have those samples soaking in phosphoric acid acid solution about 10-20% The Oxidized areas that looked like iron are dissolving and I can see white quartz and little stringers of gold. The samples were reddish black with no visible quartz but they made the detectors sing.

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Are you getting a domestic or foreign made pickup?

What color??? Gold, right?

Lololl.....great job, keep the pics coming........I am finally just 2 or 3 days out from swinging again!


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