Patch hunting

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Been on a trip doing some patch hunting and wanted to make some more video's. Didn't find a new patch or make any more video's but did pick up a few of them yellow nugs. I did make alot of trash video's, I guess some body needs to clean up the trash before making any video's to put on you tube. (LOL) I injoyed the spring like weather out there it's been great. It doesen't seem like winter time around here with temps in the 60's. Until the next hunt on the road with my dog.

Road Dog



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Seems to me you are getting awful durn consistent Road Dog!!!

I am wondering if Buddy sniffs them out for you??? LOL


Looking forward to warmer weather in NV!

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That's a great coil shot with the nugs. Yep, the trash is a constant reminder that the old timer's didn't get it all. Can't wait for some desert hunts, where them old timers walked over Nevada gold getting to the NorCal them patches with no-trash, just gold targets!!!


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