well now i feel like a darn fool :)

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Ok so its been a couple years since I logged in. The thing is I forgot the name of this site (sorry Rob), and out of Google ended up on a similarly named site. My log in info didn't work, so I figured "maybe I got deleted for inactivity". So created a new account a couple days ago and thanks to the magic of google somehow ended up here again. I was wondering why the boards there were dead. Its because I wasn't at the right site :0. So who did I lose there.

Anyways I don't ever post much because I live in Michigan and don't have a detector yet. Just like seeing pictures of gold. Did try dredging in 08 on the Klamath. Had a great time but family commitments keep me from doing much more than forum ghosting. But now I have the itch again, and since dredging in cali is a no no, I'm thinking of detecting in Oz. Probably gonna try to hook up with Mark Hyde at goldprospectingaustralia for one of his outings. But thinking I'll want to stay there a couple weeks next year.

One more thing, I'm interested in purchasing a couple quarter oz nugs. Id rather have nugs than gold coins. And don't trust scam bay. Any ideas?

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Quite a few people sell their nuggets on the gold forums here in AZ, usully in the classifieds.

Good luck on your quest & welcome back.

I sold almost all my gold nuggets to get gold coins as more people reconize gold coins for what they are & what percent of gold they contain so in a barder situation you have a better chance of getting goods, but thats just me.

I just keep a few differant sizes as test nuggets.


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