Anyone in the San Joaquin Valley area?

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So, I have looked a bit for members who are in the San Joaquin Valey, Ca area. I have been doing a good bit of research for potential areas, that are a reasonalbe driving distance, to gold detect or prospect. Two things: One, hoping to find a few who are in the area that wouldn't mind showing a new guy potential hunting areas. I'm lot asking for your "honey holes" as that is morally wrong and not my way. And two, maybe gain a little experience too as I am about as "green" as one could be. I have watched a lot of HurtHawks videos and panning/sluecing/crevicing looks like something I'd like to do. Additonally, I have an X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack on the way. I would love to find a couple of places to put it to "gold" use. I know the area east of Bakersfield is popular area. I've considered joining one of the groups in my areaAny one interested, please let me know. Or maybe a little verbal guidance.....Thanks ;)

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Satt, might look into Coarsegold Gold Prospectors club. Above Fresno, have some good claims and members can be very helpful. If you're in the lower valley, might check into WSPA and I beleive Antelope Valley Prospectors Club. SJ valley is long, and not sure where you hail from.


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