xterra 705 helps find flood gold

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I was out with my xterra 705 searching some bedrock for nuggets. I wasn't getting any good signals and was about to call it a day, then i got a solid iron signal in one spot. I dug down about 2" and found old rusty nails and some iron junk. I took a quick sample with a pan and found small specks of gold. I also took a sample close by where the xterra wasn't getting a signal and did'nt find any gold. I went back a few days later with a small highbanker and dug for a couple of hours( a lot of work solo). I was able to get a some decent gold in a quick time. I'm going to bring my kids next time to help me dig. anyway, the xterra found me a good spot to dig, I'll be using detector more to find future dig spots. Dean







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