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Just figured I'd give a heads up. Someone's trying to pull a Minelab GPX-4500 scam on the Los Angeles Craiglist. Here's the link-

GPX-4500 Scam

At first I knew the price ($1,550) was to good to be true but just in case I sent an email about it and received this response-

"hello ,sure but also forgive me i moved right now at my parents(my father have some health problems and i need to take care of him),and i didnt know this problem when i post the item,so if you decide to buy we will close the transaction via FreightCo,they have refund options,the transaction will be insured and secured ,so please let me know your decision,thank you"

Typical scam nonsense!

Oh yeah. The email adress is and their name is Sabina Brooks.

I looked into this a little further and found the pics were stolen from a legitimate eBay auction located here-

Minelab GPX-4500

Copied the auction word for word!

If the Craigslist ad is no longer in the link then the ad was probably taken down.

Hopefully someone will read this post and not fall for it.


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