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Hey All, TrinityAu here and I have a few questions for some of you that know something about solid metal meteorites. I found this in a creek here in my local area, Northern California. It was found with a detector and really screamed, more so than something else the same size. At first glance I thought it was a piece of local iron from a local natural deposit or something manmade that was lost or discarded.

It weighs 67 grams

Density test comes up 6.6

Streak test is almost nothing

I hit this piece with a rock hammer, probably a stupid move, trying to get it out of the bedrock crevice it was wedged in. Looking at the small areas that I hit it with the rock hammer knocked off some of the black crusty material and it appears to be a very hard metal. There are lines that run lenght ways with the piece, very close together, hairline thickness.

What I call the head or point has a very thick black coating and it has rusted at sometime.

The piece is very magnetic

It may just be a leaverite but after looking at it in the field for a short period of time I decided to take it home. Appreciate any help, Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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