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How do these people know its gov land? I'd like to search some spots around there but don't want to go on private property.

If you have minecache you can pull them up by searching BioSphere 2. They are all around it and outside of the national forest. Carolita #22, Gold Dust #4, Hope #5 to name a few.


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If it's claimed it must be gov land right? So how do I find out the boundaries of the gov land?

Let's go check it out sometime. The DGD claims down there look really good, they have been getting alot of rain there too. Once you get on the forest back there it's all gov land and the ONLY claim signs on the Gap trail I know of is DGD.....

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Let's plan on it one of these weekends. I love the area back there and know there is some good gold, but I think most of it is fines so a sluice box or pan maybe best for finding a good spot to slow down. Running water and gold - hard to find in the Tucson area. You have a good 4x4. Some spots are a little washed out so stock vehicles can make it but take some abuse on the trail.

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Google maps will show if it's forest land, but doesn't show BLM land.

Geocommunicator no longer shows claims but will show the BLM land.


Then at top choose either: 1.Place Name, type in Reno, NV or whatever - Click Search - Click Reno, NV from list shown

At Top-Right under Select Map : drop down to Land Status

The Yellow is BLM (There's a legend at the right)

or 2. Lat/Long - Enter coordinates- Click Search - Select Map - Land Status

Not infallible but it's free! :)

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My Delorne, North America Topo's shows boundary lines, exp BLM, National Forest, Wilderness Area, National Monument, state trust land. The accuracy... so, so... good in some area, off in another. The old adage... garbage in, garbage out. Now if you get there GIS program, highly accurate! Software that uses various format of GIS data are use by power company, gas utilities, etc. Data from various sources can be plugged right in to the GIS software, and as I understand it... third party data can be use too. Exp, data from Garmin units, Magellon unit, Delorne units, Google Earth can be compiled together using different layers I believe. I am no expert on it, just my understanding from what I have read.

More Au to you, Robert

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Thanks Kelly & Robert!

We'll set something up. No 4x4 sorry... Just a v6 tank of a car. So we'll have to go somewhere that isn't to bad.

My good buddy and I are both DGD members and have Jeep's, their will be penty of room. The claims and area down in the Gap I really think are worth while.

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