Lazy in the water again...

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Hey All, I went out again and got in the water with the mask and snorkle. I hit the backside of bedrock outcropping and as soon as I waved the light sand off I could see a row of hematite stones all lined up in a crack. I had to take the screwdriver to loosen up that first one and then they all came out one at a time just like a puzzle. There was a nice creamy color clay under the hematite. I fanned this layer off and there was the gold. It was like a page out of mining book. LOL, Gold bearing area, bedrock canyon, inside turn, shallow deposit behind outcropping, light sand over crevices containing indicator rocks and GOLD. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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What a pro, beautiful gold, beautiful area, what more could a guy ask for?

I've been watching your post, your really having fun and finding gold too!

I hope the gold gods keep your pockets full.


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