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Hello All, I started the day out detecting a new spot with a friend and that turned out to be a bust. I think I have to go back with the 3000 as the ground was deeper than I thought. We left that area and went to another for a few hours before the sun ran us off. Skunk, Skunk, off to the house we went. I got in just as the wife was going to the pool so she waited and I spent an hour in the water with her. While at the pool the Skunk kept coming back in my mind and I finally asked her if she would mind dropping me off at one of my spots. She said ok, and I was off again. I walked up the canyon and spotted a small drop in the bedrock with a real nice crevice at the bottom. I missed it before because the water was up and now the water is dropping. I got in and found good hardpack right off the bat. First wave of my hand revealed a whole bunch of purple/red hematite stones. I got the screwdriver and got the first one loose and started moving them out of the way to take home. The water cleared up and I got back in and found a chunk of lead that weighs probably six ounces. There were also two railroad spikes and a long nail. With these out of the way I was just about on bare bedrock. When the water cleared again the bottom was littered with lead rounds, birdshot, 50 cal balls and smaller nails. In between the lead I could see yellow glimmering in the sunlight on the blue bedrock. I fanned a little more getting all the gold up with my bottle, nothing else, that was it. I was a little disappointed as I thought I would get one nice chunk out of this little glory hole. Not to be though, but the Skunk was gone anyway. I ended up with 3.4 grams of gold and about ten pounds of pretty hematite. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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