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Was wondering if I could get a little advice. I have a friend who is wanting me to sell his GPX4500 for him. It is a genuine Minelab detector for sure because I know the dealer he bought the machine from. Anyway, he has the unit, the stock battery, the harness, a control box cover, the stock coil, and 2 NuggetFinder coils. I am not exactly sure of the size of the NF's, but I want to say they are 14" and 17". I could be wrong but I know it is close.

He is wanting $3,500 and I am not too sure if he is asking the right price for it. Can anyone give me an idea if this price is too high, or too low? Thanks.

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A good way to determine current value is the closed listings on ebay.

Thanks for the reply, Chris. I looked on eBay and they only had one of them that actually sold and it was in Great Britain I believe. The currency to US Dollars put it at about $3,900, but I am thinking that is way too high for here in the states. Guess I'll just have to throw it up and see what happens.

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