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It is not to early to start planning to go to the West Coasters Rondezvous being held at Rancho Jurupa Park in Riverside, Ca on April 13,14 & 15, 2012. It is a canned coin hunt with prizes consisting of gold coins, silver coins and even cash. There are numerous hunts being held over the weekend and a lof of good comaradie, just ask Jim Straight. There is camping available and also some new cabins at Rancho Jurupa. If you are interested Contact Ralph Crowther 26722 Valpariso Mission Viejo, Ca 92691. Hey Jim hope you are coming and will be hunting again this year. Bring your "big" green monster detector for giggles. Jerry

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:) Howdy Jerry... "You are bright and bushy tailed." Gosh you even could be the first to sign in for the hunt as number one. If you have a copy of the Rendezvous 2012 flyer, it would be neat if you could post it here.

The "'big' green monster." Gosh I can no longer lift the box. Nor can I swing it as a pole mount... We are referring to a World War ll/Korean era SCR-625 Military Anti-tank mine detector with batteries and tubes...

A lot of "bad" has happened to me since the last Rendezvous... I now have osteoarthitis bad. Wheelchair. Right hip gone. But I'm not complaining :D:D ; just explaining. I have had 81 great years of living and detecting for coins, gold and even meteorites; all of which I have sold including my collection of Model T Fords, 1954 Chevy Belaire, my truck and camper, dredge, and dry-washers, including several metal detectors as I have not wanted to become burdened with them.

Jerry, keep this post going... The West Coasters Rendezvous is awesome and one of the largest and best events still being held. More later... Jim

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Jim wishing you and Gloria the best as I do know things are not going good with you. Hope your granddaughter can at least bring you out to enjoy the outing and visit a bit. We all truly enjoy your friendship and knowledge. I guess we will now call you "Detectorist Emeritus". As Gary would say "Gotcha". Jerry

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Gosh Jerry... First thanks for posting on this forum with information about the West Coasters annual Rendevous. Gloria and I are doing pretty good, the best we can.

I have never missed a West Coasters Rendevous. I believe this is their 26th? Their first one was at Follows Camp. I will likely go to the Rendevous, but it will be tough as there is no wheelchair handicapped there (as far as I know); not even even in the full hookup camping area where you will be. And the gravel roadway and grass is very hard... impossible for me to use my wheelchair... If there were a concrete walkway I could zip along fast. If I struggle with my walker I would not be able to glide it, but would need to lift off the ground each step...

Jerry I'm not complaining, just explaining the delema of those who are wheelchair bound. But I think I could pull up along the grass, but tight with my wheels on the gravel near the meeting place, making sure I do not block the gravel roadway and hang up my handicap placard along with day pass and not be hasseled by the parking enforcer...

All of the above paragraphs are off topic, but to explain the delema of those who handicapped (especially wheelchair bound) as I have found to be in areas such as this over the past year.

Now Jerry back to the subject of the Rendezvous... Rancho Jurupa Park has been greatly updated and modernized over the past three years. Can you post(?) some of the facilities, such as the cabins and information for non-local folks such as you so they may become intersted and come.

As I haven't been able to make a West Coasters meeting for about six months and out of their loop; for starters, it would be great if the Rendezvous flyer could be posted on this forum... also such as your experience in getting a weekend camping spot at the park and also signing-up for the 2012 Rendezvous. More later... jim

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Howdy All... Today I just got my March 2012 Western & Eastern Treasures. On the Calendar Of Events on page 37:

APRIL 13-15 --- RIVERSIDE, CA: 25th Annual event. Rendezvous 2012.

Held at Rancho Jurupa Regional Park, 4600 Crestmore Rd. 13 different

hunts, everyone is welcome.

For more info, contact Ray at 909-518-1900 or email: wcmetaldetecting@gmail.com

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Howdy All.... Hopefully to avoid and not create any confusion. I just learned that the 2012 Rendezvous is NOTposted on the West Coasters webpage...www.westcoasters.org/... However, as mentioned; it is posted wcmetaldecting@gmail.com which could lead you

back to this Thead...As Pondmn(Jerry) mentioned in the first post, Ralph Crowther could be another contact. However, Ray 909-518-1900 is the phone contact,

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Howdy All... I just called Ray (909-518-1900). Ray is the West Coasters president. He said the Rendezvous is coming along well, with many signups. He explained that the West Coasters webpage is "down" and that is why the 2012 Rendezvous is not posted, However if you eather call Ray or send Ray an email: "ray" wcmetaldetecting@gmail.com he will get back to you.

Thank you Jerry (pondmn) for starting this tread. I plan on going on Sunday morning and be at the closing festivities. Jim

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