Guess who is coming to Phoenix??

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Hey all my boodrows down in AZ --i will be in Phoenix doing some training at VA for a couple of weeks,,,and that should mean two weekends off!!!!!

What about it BB?????Silver Dog,,,all you crazies from down Tuscon way


Clay-Ruby?? Morristown???

Somebody ,,,,anybody,,,i gotta go detect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-- or dig...dont matter to me..

Yaaaaa hoooooooo... i am so happy ---even if it is only for a couple of weeks!


13th -27th Feb

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Hey Paul, I will be out at Discision Corner the 14th through the 20th. Hope to see you!


Great!!! I just talked to Mel and BB and they were doing fine,

Cant wait to see you all!

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Hey Paul,

I won't be at rich hill but lemme know if you're gonna be down this way - love to catch up with ya!

(I'm switchin cell carriers so phone might not work for a couple days).

Good deal,,,,looks like i may only have one weekend there,,but i hope to see you while in the area,,,if you are near Phoenix we could have dinner somewhere,,,,,mmmm Mexican food!!!!!!!!!

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