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Here are the results of the last two Saturdays out with my TDI SL. The nuggets aren't big nor were they very deep (2 - 6 inches), but for the middle of winter here in Northern Calif, it's not too bad, even though we haven't had much of a winter. These came from a well pounded spot and were mixed in with lots of bullets and bits of trash. You just have to go slow and dig a lot. Both my hunting partners also got two, with the biggest one being 1.5 dwt.

But the best find wasn't gold! My buddy was digging a target in the rocks of a tailings pile and spotted this old bottle in the hole before he hit it with his pick. At first he thought a bullet had somehow gotten down inside the bottle, but closer examination revealed it was actually the original glass stopper for the bottle. It's complete and unbroken or cracked, but there are a few minor dings. It's embossed on both sides and a bit of internet search shows it to be from the 1880's to '90's.

The embossing reads this;

Nevada Soda Water

Grass Valley

Nevada Co.


On the back is the owners name of the company;

W. E. Deamer

Value, as near as we can find out, is about $100. Apparently it's very rare to find one with the original glass stopper. In the close up, where the rubber band is, was a bit of leather that sealed in the contents.

In all my years of detecting, I've yet to find an unbroken bottle of this vintage. Very cool!




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