Fellow nugget hunter passes ( 2 large Nevada nuggets for sale)

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Rob, if this is in the wrong section please move it where it needs to go.

For those of you who don't know me my name is Larry Soper and my friend Dave Martin passed away last week. His wife has asked me to sell a couple of Dave's large nuggets. Two people on this forum who can attest for my character and honesty is Seeker (George) and LuckyLundy (Rick).

I have attached pictures of the two nuggets. The 49.6 gram nugget was found in Rye Patch back in the 90's.

The 4.7 0z. nugget was found in the same area where Terry (T-Bone) found his lunkers and Smoky from Lovelock.

Also for sale is 45 grams of placer nuggets and fines & 20.2 grams of gold splatter from Newmont Gold Mine.

Thank You in advance,


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Gosh ironman. Down memory lane... I met Terry though Smokey... actually I knew Smokeys dad, Jake, one of the last true cowboys... it was Jake and Charlie Fancher who located the diatomacious earth and sold the deposit to Eagle Picher during the late 1950's... Terry and I hit it off from the "get-go". He was soft spoken and always had a good word, even when his "lost" nugget was mentioned. Sadly Terry and had planned to met in early August, but Terry met his fate at Pronto in the spring... I wrote an article which was published in Lost Treasure magazine honoring Terry... I do not remember the date. However, as I remember there was a photo of Terry holding his nugget (the photo was taken by "Arizona Al" at his store.) "Tailgate" jim straight

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I hear ya, I shared a lot of memories with a bunch of folks during my days in those areas. Terry is actually the one who showed me and my hunting buddies a trick with our machines to find the smaller gold that the Minelabs were overseeing. My best trip was over 150 nuggets in a 4 day trip. The biggest found with my White's GM 2 was a 3/4 oz. piece!

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Bill... sometimes it could be a big library...

Larry... Maybe we met over coffee at Burns Brother Truck stop?... Many "fulltimers" would be gathered at the

counter swapping "tales." Terry loved the "salad bar." He was then using the White's GM-2. Frugal Floyd was

there at one time using an early SD-2000. There were many other fulltimers that are just a fading memory such as

Richard, Homer, Jerry and Charlie Sotherlin(spelling?) from Texas... ,

Back then placer was being found around by a fellow from Texas who had written permission to hunt the claim

where the Cottonwood tree downslope from the old Keystone mine. Actually he was camped under the Cottowood..

There was once,earlier, an eagle nesting in the tree but I guess he was driven away but the rush,... when the

excitement hit the well known fan, the open ground on the low ridge became a parking spot... One time I counted

over 22 vehicles parked thre. Many where from Arizona... I believe from the " something or other, known as '24 xx club?'"...

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