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Get some Mercury and a Rock Tumbler. Put black sand and say a spoon of merc and tumble it for a few hours with a squirt of dish soap. The gold will stick to merc. You need to read up on this process, cause the next step you'll need to nitric acid off the merc from your gold. There is many other ways, but this is the best for time management!

Good luck

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DesertNug...This winter I am re-working black sands for the fourth time...and still getting some real small stuff out...My Gold Genie works good on flour/fine gold. I have used the Blue Bowl with good results..Recently I purchased a Bucket Sluce, not expensive, leass than thirty bucks and so far it is working good at STILL pulling fine gold out, however befor running the black sands thru the B.S. I seperated the magnitices out which is a slow process...I had seperated the magnetics bofore but did not use the proper method and the magnet picked up gold with the clumps of Black Sands.. I will test what is left when I finish running about 50# and see if I am missing any gold.....................Idaho Al ps always use gold drop or jet dry.................

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