Fire Season Is Starting Up Again - Think About It

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As I watch the smoke rise over the Santa Catalina Mountains here in Tucson, a result of a controled burn before all the snow melts, I am reminded fire seaon is coming up again. Yesterday morning the local newspaper had an artical on the two cousins that accidently started the Wallow Fire in Arizona last year, each received a light criminal sentence of 1 year in a Federal prison and a $10,000 dollar fine.... a result of a plea bargain. The civil suits will surely follow and either man will ever again live a "normal" life. Sad really, a result of poor judgement.

I have to say it could have easily been me in their shoes. I have had a couple nights by the campfire that good times, good friends and good drinks lead to less then stellar judgement. So as we all venture into the wild in search of gold or just good times go with caution, your campfire or even your catalytic converter could turn you into a criminal and one of the most dispised persons in your state....

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