Water Filters trap gold

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The primise of that article--a filter that will remove gold from water--is technically correct. A carbon filter will grab atomic gold. Back in the 1970's - 80's there were scam artists selling folks filters to pump water out of mineshafts and creeks through with the promise of getting rich. I think some of them advertised in ICMJ, if I recall correctly. Some old timers up in Siskiyou County's Klamath Mountains swore that even older timers used to burn forests down that were on gulches of known rich gold ground, then, after a few years, go pan the carbon for the gold that had been absorbed. Here's the rub: the carbon only adsorbs atomic gold. Let's say the water bears gold in the 0.0002 parts per BILLION range. Now, think about how many millions and millions of gallons you'd have to put through a single filter to recover enough gold to even show a speck in a pan!!! This old scam has been around for a very long time...but it is interesting! Cheers, Unc

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