For anyone interested in goldmining history

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If you love anything to do with gold and mining history, and your DVD player supports PAL, then this is a great wee movie and will fit nicely among your collection.

The movie was made in the 80's and screened here in New Zealand a few times, and was then nearly lost forever when the company that owned the rights went bust and the subsequent stock past through two new owners, one in the US the other in the UK. It was almost scrapped along with other material, but fortunately someone found the master and realised its significance. It has now been digitally re-mastered and been made available to the public. There has been numerous screenings around the country especially in Otago over the past couple of months to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the gold discoveries and rushes there.

It has had a local cult following since its release but was only available via copies of copies of VHS tapes which were dreadful to watch.

This movie I believe is a masterpiece and if you get an opportunity to watch or purchase it, I highly recommend it.

PAL copies are available from Screenline in NZ:http://www.screenlin...9k9j6sgfhck2sl3

I don't have any finacial interests in this, I just believe that anyone who appreciates goldminig history will identify with this moving story.




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