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With these new fees BLMhas impose we need to flood the phone lines of your representatives, To get this revoked even is you can file small miners exemption you need to call ,It is inhibiting our right to extract monies from our claims we are already ihibited by plan of op to test for paying minerals, this need to be a joint effort or we will loose even more mineral rights,Any one else have a better idea???

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This increase is not proposed. Its established law passed by the Senate, Congress and already signed by the President (who is in favor of all tax increases on mining). This is what happens when no one in either party bothers to actually read the bills they vote on. The assistants of the congress members get to put into the bills whatever they want.

From The ICMJ Mining Journal:

Unbeknownst to miners -- and possibly to many of those in Congress who voted for the omnibus spending bill -- it contained a huge hike a filing fees for associated mining claims.

The holder of each unpatented placer mining claim located pursuant to the mining laws of the United States located before, on, or after August 10, 1993, shall pay to the Secretary of the Interior, on or before September 1 of each year, the claim maintenance fee described in subsection (a), for each 20 acres of the placer claim or portion thereof.'; and

(2) in subsection ( B), by striking the first sentence and inserting the following: `The claim maintenance fee under subsection (a) shall be paid for the year in which the location is made, at the time the location notice is recorded with the Bureau of Land Management.'

HR 2055 was passed by both the Senate and House and subsequently signed into law by President Obama on December 23, 2011. An amendment in the bill under "House Report 112-331 - Military Construction and Veteran Affairs" included a change in mining claim maintenance fees. The effect of the change is to require that miners who own associated mining claims will be hit with a huge hike in fees. A 160-acre claim would require a payment of $140 -- not $100 -- for each 20-acre section. According to Sonja Santillan of the Washington office of BLM, the old $100 price was quoted in the Act, but the price will actually be $140 per 20 acre in portion accordance with the current regulations. So the new BLM fees will be $1,120.000 per year for a 160 acre claim, instead of $140.00. There are no changes to the small miners waiver for those who own less than 10 claims. So a new 160 association claim will cost around $1200 in BLM fees to stake. if you already have the clam staked and recorded, and are paying the claim maintenance fees, the new fees will be $140 per 20 acres of your association claim. If you already have the claim and are able to file the small miners waiver, you are probably not seeing much of a change.

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Thanks Denny and El D

I have followed up on this.

Chris Thanks for clearing that up for us.

Sadly this is not the only Stalinistic thing going on.



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Ok if that is the case we still need to call them on it because they did not do there do diligence for us ,We need to tell them they are out of a job come election, I,am sure they knew what they were doing.

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Another attempt by the enviro's to get us to give up our claims. They are trying to do it with the ban on dredging and now they push the polititions to get legislation like this past us. Get rid of the claims and the land will be taken out of mineral entry and then the enviro groups will come in with dredges that they claim will get 100% of the mercury and they will get grant money to go in and mine the rivers and streams. Its happening right now, enviro groups have already approached dredge manufactuers for research and developement for a dredge that will do just that. I wonder what they will do with the gold they recover. Its all one big scam by the environmental movement and its working.


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So can someone chime in here and 'splain to me this: If I normally do my POL maintainance work each year in lieu of paying a maintaince fee, and file my POL forms as usual, nothing changes on my 160 acre association placer claim, yes? I do not have to pay the $ per 20 acres, es correcto?

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