GPAP Outing May 19-20th!!!

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Hi all,

Well the Phoenix Chapter is having thier monthly outing this month up in the cooool pines!! Yes, finally out of the desert!!! It will the

19-20th, though a dedicated few plan on showing up early Friday or late Thursday. Though I plan on getting there on Weds. the 16th!! It will be near Lynx Creek on the Bannie Mine Rd. Which is south of Lynx Lake and north of the town of Walker. You can get there via heading to Prescott, then turning at AM-PM store, which is Walker Road, and the Bannie Mine road is marked clearing and is on the west side of the road about halfway to Walker.... Food will be provided on Sat(hotdogs & hamburgers), and everyone is encouraged to bring a sidedish, cookies, or snacks!!!!

The Following July and August outings will be up at Woody's place in Dewey once again, any that attented last year were treated like kings, with breakfast & coffee at his house and we all camped in his 'backyard' on his 5 acre property!!! YOU can't beat that!!!! :-) Here are some of the pics that I took during both outings, fun and gold was had by all!!!! ohmy.png











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If anyone has any questions or needs better directions, let me know. This is open for non-members as well, perhaps u would want to learn more about the GPAA, then come on out and check us out!!

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