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kinda of a add on ? to c.c questions :

what would you do if you had a relic / treasure / gold ie spanish bar--breast plate etc. / old coins -

would you sell it ? would you keep it hush hush ? donate to a museum ? rebury it ?

i believe the government would own it coverd by the antiquties law ????

if you kept it , would you be looking at big fines and jail time ? if caught ?

like to here some replies on this and any legal info yall have

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There's no way I'm letting the government get a hold of anything I find regardless of any laws, as far as they will know, I found it where I determine I found it, or I would call it a family heirloom passed on from generation to generation then to me. Then I'd research the value and figure out how to sell it unbeknownst to anyone...I'd snap a few cool photo's so I could pop off a little on the forums at a later date...why you on to something Rhino??? :ph34r:

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