Valley Prospectors of San Bernardino 2012 Rendezvous.....

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:) Howdy All... Here is a brief summary of the 2012 Valley Prospectors, INC

PO Box 2923 San Bernardino CA 92406

It will be held at Rancho Jurupa Regional Park. 4800 Crestmore Rd. in

Riverside California 92509 October 19, 20, 21.

There will be metal detecting hunts ~ mucking contest ~ Gold Panning Contest

Tailgate sales ~ Chili cookoff on Saturday night ~ Bingo ~ The famous night-

stalker hunt ~ Free kids hay find event.

Schedule coming soon... more later... jim straight

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Howdy All... I just peeked at Valley's webpage. It is up-to-date

with the latest information on the 2012 Rendezvous, but Lorraine has

not firmed up the daily schedule but it will likely be about the same

as in the past several years. Valley's webpage:

I hope you are able to access it. I'm om slow dialup and limited in my

ability to make it accessable without your needing to punch it in

manually; I apologise for my inability to make it easy to access. But

please do. And it goes w/o saying please feel free to jump in add more

information or ask questions.

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Valley Prospectors last board meeting was on July 26. I had hoped that there would be

more posted in the Valleys webpage, such as some details on the"nuts and bolts" of the

events being planned this year. But upon checking Valley's webpage (post #2 above),

nothing more has been recently added regarding any new details..

My Drywashers Gazette for August came in this mornings mail... As I'm recovering

from my hip replacement, I'm still unable (cannot drive) to attend any valley meetings.

However as mentioned in the Gazette's board meeting report; Lorraine is still in

Romania visiting her daughter. in Lorraine's absence, co-chairperson, "Dunk," did

inform the board about the Rendezvous. Dunk has no e-mail or telephone listed,

so my only contact is no better than anyone (so far) on this subpost. I'm limited to

Valley's webpage. But it will give the details needed to attend the 2012

Rendszvous... and I will continue to post updates to bring everyone updates on

Robs "Future Event" Sub-forum. (Thank you Rob for the space) and I will be at the

2012 Rendezvous as I will hitch a ride with someone.

More later... thanks for listening and "God Bess" All,,,,,, Ol' jim straight


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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Howdy friends. I'm now able to update the Rendezvous with more information.

I was able to drive to the August Valley prospectors meeting. During the

meeting I asked Lorraine and "Dunk" for more details regarding the full

schedule of the event. While it is a three day event, Saturday October 20th

is the only day that the activities will occur.

Actually, it could be a full day of inexpensive "family fun" as day use is

$3 per adult. $2 per child. Pets extra. This will get you to the primitive

where all of the day events on Saturday, October 20th will occur beginning

at 8:00 AM to after dark.

The events are not expensive but offer a day of family fun.

From 8-9 AM breakfast. not expensive.

From 10-11:30 METAL DETECTER HUNT... ONLY $20 CASH. A great value!

From 11:30-12:30 kids hay find

From 12:30-1:30... Lunch on your own

From 1:30-3:00.. (entry fee unknown) Gold Panning contest sponsered by

First Class Miners

From 3:00-4:00.. $5 enty fee Mucking contest

4:00 PM... chili cook-off judging

POTLUCK 4:00-6:00 PM (Sorry I do not have details on this, but it could be the

normal potluck with Valley firnishing the chili ?) and most of you know the "drill."

Bingo 6:00-8:00 PM

Dark... $5 registration: The famous Kay Modglin/Lucy Bowen NightStalker Hunt

sponsered by Chino Valley Prospectors led by the best comedian ever, Bob Wright

Lady Luck drawing all day... 9AM to 4PM

Vendors and tailgating, great fellowship and information galoor.

Be prepaired to show drivers licence and entry fee at gate if planning to

stay camping overnight... Drycamping Primitive area $15 night plus $15 for

a towed vehicle.

Contact Lorraine phone 760-868-6564 or "Dunk"

at 760-608-3228

I hope I did not make too many mistakes in writing this and please check

out the website for any updates or a better schedule than this one...

I will see you there... please say hello... more later... jim

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Thanks for getting me connected to this post. You have done a great job of getting the information out. Let me recap.

Valley Prospectors Rendezvous 2012

October 19, 20, 21, 2012

Rancho Jurupa Regional Park

4800 Crestmore Rd.

Riverside, CA 92509

Dry Camping - $15/night - must show car registration and proof of insurance

Day use - $3 adult, $2 child (pets extra) subject to change

Most events happen on Saturday - this event encourages all clubs to join Valley in sharing the love of prospecting, metal detecting and all sorts of outdoor fun. Don't miss it - we especially like having the kids join us for a great time.

Saturday, October 20

7:30 - 9:50 am Hunt Registration ($20)

8-9 am Breakfast (free, donations accepted)

10 - 11:30 Hunt Begins (10-10:50 hunt, 11-11:20 prize distribution, 11:30 draw for grand prize)

11:30- 12:30 Kids Hay Find (FREE!)

12:30 - 1:30 Lunch (on your own)

1:30-3:00 pm Gold Panning contest (cost TBA) sponsored by First Class Miners

3:00 - 4:00 pm Mucking Contest ($5) - we have a minecar built by Dunk this year - Great Fun!

4:00 pm Chili Judging (Don't forget to cook up a batch - trophies and prizes to the winners)

4:30 - 6:00 pm Potluck (bring your favorite side dish to go with the chili)

6:00 - 8:00 pm Bingo

DARK Nightstalker ($5) - great fun in the dark - many surprises in store! sponsored by Bob Wright

9:00 pm Campfire

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Howdy everyone... The detector that is to be given away in the morning hunt which

will be held 10:00 - 10:50 AM will be a White's MXT... It is a pretty good machine.

To be eligible for the drawing all that is needed to enter and participate in the hunt.

If you cannot hunt the full scheduled 50 minutes, that is okay as long as you able

to hunt, but the field is rich with seeded coins and tokens for prizes.

Last year I was sruggling in a walker and lasted only about 15 minutes, but was able

to find and recover a nice replica golden coin...

Just check over the prior posts in this thread and if any questions check out the

Valley webpage for more information, or contact Lorraine or "Dunk".

Again I repeat: All that is needed to be eligible for the ticket drawing is to enter

and paricipate in the hunt. The entry fee for the hunt is $20 cash.

7:30 to 9:50 hunt registration

10:00 to 10:50 is the hunt

11:00 to 11:20 is the token prize distribution

11:30 is the ticket draw for the MXT...

And from 8 to 9 is the breakfast... free but donations accepted.

The Rendezvous will be until dark on Saturday October 20th. Spend

the day and bring the family. Check the earlier posts for more

information... and remember it is in the primitive area...

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OMG - Just got the prize package from Garrett's today! I am so excited about the upcoming Revendezvous 2012. As program chair I've been beating the bushes for prizes. I've got prizes for the hunts and prizes for a Lady Luck Drawing. So now attendees have a chance to win up to 3 metal detectors. Have a White's MXT as the grand prize which will be drawn for the Metal Detecting hunt to be held at 10 am on October 20th. I'll put another detector, Garrett ACE 250, can be won by finding a target, and finally if you don't hunt we will have a White's Coinmaster as a prize in our Lady Luck Drawing. There are so many more prizes, you just would not believe it.

Don't forget, there is a free Kids' Hay find where they can scramble for their own coins in a pile of hay - too much fun!

You don't want to miss out on this hunt - it is only $20. We will have over 1,600 coins planted. It just keeps getting bigger every year.

Need more info - email or call 760-868-6564 or check out the website -

Hope to see you there!

Lorraine Frost

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Howdy All... Time is short; the Rendezvous is nearly here. Saturday October 20th is this coming

week end... It will be a day of inexpensive familly... check out Lorraine's post above.

Regarding the $20 seeded hunt: coins for the hunt and more hunt prizes (tokens in hunt)

and "Lady Luck" drawings are still coming in. Registration opens a 7:30 until 9:50 AM.

The hunt will start at 10AM. You still have time to enter as registration is open until just

before the event... There will be a free breakfast (donations accepted) from 8-9AM.

Remember for anyone who particpates in the hunt are eligable to win the White's MXT detector

(which is not a basic entry detector), but one of the best multi-all purpose detectors with

three "detection" modes making it a top notch coin/gold/relic/jewelry detector.

The hunt ends at 10:50 AM... then right after the hunt get in line for the token-prize distribution

followed by the ticket draw for the grand prize... White's MXT... Then stick around for a day of

family fun. Remember it is in the primitive area, So if you have any questions check out all of

the above posts in this thread. AND, stay for the rest of day if you can as at dark Chino Valley

will have the ($5 entry) 'famous "Nightstaker hunt.'" Chino Valley president (Bob, a ww-2 veteran)

is well known to be a grand guy, full of fun and jokes!

As for me: I have entered the $20 morning hunt. But still wobbly from my recent hip replacement

and will be using a cane. So, if'n I fall I will be able to getup on my own. After the hunt I will stick

around for awhile and will be to most happy :) :) :) :) to see all all old friends and new...

Thanks!... Jim Straight

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Howdy All... This is now Friday October 20th. Today the huntfield is being planted for the hunt

tomorrow . 10-10:50 AM (Saturday ) October 20th. All looks good for a full day of camaraderie

and family fun. If you stay, remember lunch is on your own, best to bring a lunch. If'n you stay for

the chilli cook off, it will be pot-luck and bring something to share.

Bingo and the Nightstalker :ph34r: hunt at dark. The coins will not buried, but be careful of what you reach

out into :unsure::wacko::blink: to recover them! Are you brave enough? .....

I'm still recovering from my hip replacement. But plan on being at the morning hunt and do the best

I can to recover all the buried coins and tokens as my detector is a disguised vacum cleaner: Whurr,

whurrr, please don't trip over the cord! :P as this could upset me and I would chase after you with

my cane :)

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Well... The 2012 VP Rendezvous is now history. But I'm sure it will be long rememberd by those

that were there. As for me I can only talk about the morning coin hunt... and it can be be best

summarized under the heading as a WOW! ... Everthing came together. The weather was a

little misty at first, but soon cleared. There were a larger number of paricipants this year

and I initially I felt the field was on the small side... But there was over 3000 coins seeded in

the field... And as it turned out the paricipants were still digging targers until the hunt ended

(more about this later.)

The folks that planted the hunt... A+. They did an absolutely fantastic job of hiding the tokens

and coins. They were shallow and not too deep... And the coins were plentiful...pop, pop went

the detectors and the diggin' was easy... just needed my fingers. The more experienced

hunters found over 100 coins... The search coils ranged from the 18-inch bigfoot down to the

5-inch sniper coil. The detectors ranged from vintage 1970's TR's and low end Bounty Hunters

to the latest digital hi-end detectors. There were still gold only detectors, such as the original

Gold Bug to the gold/coin/relic X-Terra 705.

The hunt was 90 minutes long, and when it ended there were still coins and tokens to be found.

Aftrer all the token prizes were given out; for the tokens still out in the field, they were given out by

drawing a ticket... After the first ticket was drawn for the main prize (Whites' MXT).

I was unable to stay for the rest of the day, and left about 12:30. The huntfield had been opened.

and many (again) were back to the field to recover the left over coins, and as I drove away I could

see that about half of the participants were still bending over and diggin'.

As for me, it has been over two years since I was able to walk (and still use a cane for balance)

but in the "heat of 'battle,'" so as to speak, I was able to hobble about without it and left the cane

standing like a lone sentry and hobbled around in a widening circle around it and went

the full 90 minutes and recovered 64 coins and a prize token... :) :) So for me, it was a

Great Hunt.

Thanks Lorraine for putting on another Great Rendezvous... And Thanks Sally for the sending

the ICMJ's for the hunt and a special thanks to all the manufactureres, and everyone else who

donated stuff for the both the hunt tokens and Lady Luck drawings... Yep, I will remember

the 2012 Valley Rendezvous...

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CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS: It is posted in the November 29 2012 Valley Prospectors Board

meeting which was published in the December 2012 Valley Prospectors Newssletter "The

Drywashers Gazette..... I will now quote from the Gazette but not the last names.

"Lorraine explained that the Lady Luck grand prize was given to the wrong person

at the Rendezvous. She requested that the board consider providing the correct

winner, Sxxxxx Mxxxxx with the cost of the prize, $298. Motion to write a check to

Sxxxxx Mxxxxx by Lorraine for $298. Seconded by Mike D., motion carried. This

will be brought up at the general meeting for a vote since it was not budgeted."

The prize retails for over $400 and was donated to the Rendezvous. The "winner" was told

by someone that heard Sxxxxx Mxxxxx name called and came up to claim the prize thinking

he was the "winner" and gave his ticket and without the prize-presenter checking the name

was given the prize. The "winner" is now using the prize as I write this.... All of this over a

few hundred dollar prize.... ????

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:):):):) Well a most happy update to my last post!!!!!!... The update is posted in Valley's

newsletter soI feel to summarize this most happy news... To summarize; Both Steves got together.

The $298 chex was canceled and and the Steve who originally bought the ticket... with his name

on the back of the ticket.. now has the prize... And both Steves are "happy campers" and now

good friends to boot...

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