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Are there other authors in this group? If you've ever sold an article to one of the treasure magazines, here's something to consider.

I used to write treasure articles for the magazines. But after a while, it hit me: Sell one article, you get a check. One and done. Want more money? Sell another article.

But! When you write a book, you get paid over and over and over, every time you sell a copy, and you never have to write again! (Well, except to occasionally update your book.)

Mine has been selling steadily for four years now. Since I sell it only through my website (Kellyco wanted to sell it but I said no), and I do no paid advertising, the book stays pretty much under the radar. It sells slowly but steadily as people are told about it by others who have bought it.

If you'd like to get serious about writing a book, buzz me ([email protected]). I can answer some of your questions and give you some tips. (Free!) (I'm retired and have some spare time!)


---Dan Hughes,

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