Virginia State Seal Button - Civil War

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I recently got back from the Grand National Relic Shootout in VA and was on Team Minelab; we came in 3rd. :( Next time. Amongst the many 3 ringers, buttons and stuff I dug was this Virginia State Seal button with a silver gilt. I didn't know what I had until some eyes started popping out. Good thing I didn't damage it since I didn't know what I had. It was one of the best organized hunts I've ever been to. Cheers!!!!

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Just got back from Virgina also. I hunt the battlefield two or three times a year. Its as good as it gets for civil war relics and anyone with a interest in history should give it a try. Its unbelievable how may artifacts are still in the ground after 150 years. Now that most people are using PI machines for that red Virgina ground one has to dig deeper than before for the goodies as the VLFs have taken all the setting ducks but the stuff is still there and my Mine lab has no trouble sniffing them out. I dug a South Carolina camp a few days this year before spending a week at Cedar Mountain and found my first South Carolina coat button. Its a thrill just to be on that hallowed ground and I look forward to many more years of helping save some of that history. Nice save on that button McGator.

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Pretty amazing finds ... I think BLM gives you the death penalty if you find and keep something like that in the western states ... I thing the newest law is that any older than dried spit qualifies under the antiquities law ... Very cool that you can touch history that way ...Cheers, Unc

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