Unusual nugget from Virginia

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I had a chance Saturday to return to my new property to scrape a little more. I was cooking along until I broke a track on the excavator. Serves me right for buying used equipment. Anyway I thought I did really well with only digging two 8' X 6' holes. The nugget finds vary from 6" to 4' in depth. I am still amazed at the occurance of quartz veins. Some yellow, some red, some gray, some white, and some totally clear. The thickness and depth of each vary from a couple inches to a couple feet and lengthwise vary from 10' to 30'. I wish I knew more or what to follow. The unusual shape nugget was in one of the hardest quartz vein I have encountered, it was like chipping mortar. Please feel free to give suggestions and thanks for looking.

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LocalMiner... :D


I love the look!

Border Boy could come up and dig for you---he is better than any mini excavator I have ever seen!!!!!---- lololol---

His fuel is hotdogs and Monster drinks!!

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Maybe an Orangutan ???

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