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Hello all, I went back to the same place for about an hour this morning and found four more pieces. This area seems to be a four piece limit as the last ten or so times I have detected this site that is all I ever get. One piece has a hole in it and the teeny weeny was laying right on top of barren bedrock in a small dip. I heard it the first time I went over it and I had get on my knees and get the glasses out to find the darn thing. I just finished eating ribs at Famous Daves so now I have to go back out and work them off. Hopefully I will be able to post again tonight with a few more pieces. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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Wow... Very nice lil pieces. I also liked your article in the ICMJ "Detecting for Gold - Are you up for it?" ... My answer.. yes.. when I can get a break. Wished I lived out there rather than on the Coast here in Humboldt. Seems like I did more prospecting when I lived in the Bay.. Haha

Thanks for Posting.


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